New Music // Deleted Scenes.

Last year I was asked to write and record the score for a documentary called ‘White Heart’ that will premier soon and I’ll tell you all about it then. But making that ambient score was one of the most creatively exciting and fulfilling experiences of late. I went down roads I’ve never been down before and came out super inspired. For the actual score I didn’t use any guitars, so when the documentary was done I started wondering what ambient could sound like on guitar. Whenever I had some free time in the studio I would improvise little guitar miniatures and start layering sounds. Just for fun and with no plan. After a few weeks I had a whole collection of little sketches and I started thinking I should probably make a selection, fine-tune the parts and re-record some things more properly. But I stopped myself from overthinking and left everything as pure and untouched as possible. Simply embracing the process and the joy it brought me. So here’s a first track that I released under the moniker of ‘deleted scenes.’ I will release the rest over the coming weeks and months.

Here's the first song called ‘Dawn Phrase’ 


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